Installations have been done on units from the following manufacturers:

New Flyer®, MCI®, Nova/RTS® & Orion®

Benefits Reported By Customers:

  1. Installation allows removal of oil from system before contamination of air dryer can occur.


  2. Filter reduces the temperature of the incoming air to the air dryer to further enhance water removal.


  3. Action of unit contains and limits carbonization of the main air line (prevents clogging!).


  4. Replacement of air line reduced to one single line between compressor and filter unit.


  5. Completely accessible in engine compartment, without the need to place the bus on a lift!


  6. Filter prolongs the air dryer operating life and all related air brake and pneumatic components in the system.


  7. Installation leads to reduced maintenance costs and limits down time!


  8. Enhanced operation of the air dryer virtually eliminates air line water freeze up in winter operating conditions!


  9. Increased service life of air suspension.  Oil removal protects the rubber bellows from the detergent enriched oil!


  10. Enhanced service life of air equipment allows better performance and lessens the occurrence of air leaks.  These air leaks increase compressor cycle time and increase oil migration throughout the compressed air system.


  11. Installation in engine compartment is best place for protection of filter from elements.  Other units mount near or even after the air dryer and become susceptible to damage.


  12. In addition, some of these "other units" drain the trapped contaminates on to road surfaces!!  This is simply not a very good idea taking the environment into account.

  13. If a record is kept of the oil drained from the filter, the results can be used to gauge compressor performance, and predict when the compressor will need maintenance, or replacement. This has solved the “When should we replace the compressor problem...Instead of an automatic two year replacement cycle for every bus, replacement is now done only when required; as indicated by the amount of oil/carbon in the filter.

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