In June of 1995 a major transit property came to us with a problem.  A good portion of their bus fleet was out of service each day due to air system component failures.  Door valves and wheelchair lifts were especially hard hit.

During maintenance and repair operations, they had noticed a sticky substance combined with black flakes in air lines, air tanks, air cylinders, air valves, etc.  In fact, almost every single air system component was being damaged by this substance combination.  Main air line blockages were not uncommon.

Lubricant of some type was even dripping down from the door valve cabinet onto passengers exiting the bus from the rear door!

It was determined that this "stick substance", "black flake" and "lubricant" was one in the same:  detergent based oil.

The source was even more of a surprise:  It was coming from the air compressor.

It took three years of work with the stated intention of developing a filtration system that would address the problem of air-line contamination, and due to limited transit budgets, be economical to operate.

We came up with a simple idea:  Develop an effective, heavy duty, high temperature oil/carbon filter to protect all of the air system components on the bus.

Allow us to tell you tell you the benefits reported, and show via photographs, an actual installation of our product.  By the way, more than 10,500 buses in the United States and Canada are now equipped with it!

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