The Barone Family On-Line Photo Album

Photos are from 2001 Horse Show In The Sun (HITS); Ellenville, NY

LaurenJumpsCharlie.jpg (36937 bytes)LaurenLongJumpCharlie.jpg (31451 bytes)LaurenJumpsCharlieNice.jpg (36004 bytes)LaurenOnCharlie.jpg (25606 bytes)LaurenOnCharlieInStream.jpg (51434 bytes)
Lauren with her pony Charlie.                                   

LaurenOnHorseSmile.jpg (21625 bytes)LaurenMsGarsenSuzanne.jpg (24819 bytes)NonaGarsenJumps.jpg (32105 bytes)SuzanneLeadsDollyToStream.jpg (41937 bytes)
Lauren/Olympic rider Nona Garsen/Miss. Garsen in action/Suzanne leads a horse to water.

SuzanneOnDollyWithRibbon.jpg (36032 bytes)SuzanneRidesDolly.jpg (31592 bytes)SuzanneWithDog.jpg (30281 bytes)SuzanneWithDogTwo.jpg (28841 bytes)SuzanneWithLeslie.jpg (28500 bytes)SuzanneWithLibby.jpg (30842 bytes)SuzieUpsidedown.jpg (42504 bytes)
Suzanne and her pony Dolly/Suzanne shopping for a pet/Suzanne with her trainer Mrs. Woodworth/Suzanne and friends.

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