On October 10, 1998 a custom made, oil separator kit consisting of one main and two supplemental filter units was installed on bus number 528.  Below you will find maintenance descriptions of air system related problems covering the period from 01/01/98 through 03/31/00.  Again, only those items related to air system components are listed.

DATE:         PROBLEM:                                            ACTION TAKEN:
01/15/98    Wiper Motor Defective                             Replaced
03/27/98    Wiper Motor Air Leak                               Replaced
04/02/98    Sluggish Kneeling System                       Tested & Passed
04/06/98    Petcock Valve Leaking                             Replaced
04/06/98    Suspension System Contaminated         Cleaned
04/17/98    Rear Door Interlock                                    Replaced
04/20/98    Kneeling System; Contaminated             Cleaned
05/12/98    Rear Door Failure                                      Replaced Valve Assembly
08/26/98    Air Tank Valve Contaminated                  Cleaned
09/28/98    Rear Door Failure                                      Tested & Passed
10/04/98    Wheelchair Not Working                           Rewired
10/06/98    Wheelchair Not Deploying                        Tested & Passed
10/07/98    Front Door Failure                                     Replaced Valve Assembly
10/10/98    Oil Separator Kit Installed
02/08/99    Air Starter Relay Air Leak                        Replaced
03/29/99    Front Door Slow Open                             Adjusted & Aligned
05/13/99    Air Starter Assembly Seized                   Replaced
10/15/99    Rear Door Failure                                     Adjusted & Aligned
11/30/99    No additional problems were reported as of this date.
12/31/99    No additional problems were reported as of this date.
01/31/00    No additional problems were reported as of this date.
02/29/00    No additional problems were reported as of this date.
03/31/00    No additional problems were reported as of this date.
Maintenance record will be updated as the information becomes available.

Bus #528 has a compressor that is leaking oil.  While that is not as bad as it seems, it is not
a good thing.  In fairness, all compressors bypass small amounts of oil.  However as
compressors age, this amount tends to increase due to wear.  Here's the big problem:  Compressor lubricants contain detergents.  These detergents clean the inside of the compressor.  However, when (the now) detergent enriched oil bypasses the compressor, it
mixes with the compressed air and travels throughout the air system of the bus.  

     Thus, the lubricant gets into all of the air operated devices on the bus.  Most of these devices contain buna-n seals.  The detergent breaks down the seals, destroying the device.  That is what happened in many of the above cases.  In addition, the oil may also clog the orifices of the pneumatic devices (such as the door valves), and even leak out of the valve exhaust ports!

     As you can see, when the filters started removing the oil from the system, things got much better.  So the main idea here:  Remove the oil, decrease the number of break-downs.     The benefit:  Save time, money and improve public relations.

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