Unlike other filters on the market, the main filter below is shown being installed in the bus engine compartment.  This is the best place as the oil is removed before it enters the air system of the bus.  Others have tried putting the filters in the front of the bus, only to see the main line going from the compressor to the filter clog.  The filter belongs where the damage starts:  in the engine compartment!  The two supplemental filters are shown being installed near the front door and over the rear door.


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Above:  Filter Components                      Original (Only) Filter                          New Water/Oil Filter                         Installation Preparation
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 Front Door Installation                   Front Door Filters                                  Front Door Filters                            Rear Door Filter Location
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Above: Rear Door Installation           Rear Door Filter                                 Rear Door Filter                                  Rear Door Filter
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Above:Engine Compartment             Location Of Filter                            Installation Point                           Line Condition Found
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Above: Engine Area Prep                Fitting Assembly            Filter Installation             Air Line Installation              Filter With Metal Bowl
File0200.jpg (63488 bytes)P3030019.jpg (191877 bytes)
Final Filter Installation                      ONE WEEK LATER!!
                                                        THIS DIRT AND GUNK DID NOT ENTER
                                                        THE AIR SYSTEM OF THIS BUS!!

Total installation time for all three filters...90 minutes using only ONE mechanic!

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